JPSO Online Application

Step 1 - Download the JPSO Job Application
Click here to download the JPSO Job Application to your computer and complete all the fields on the Application form. Once the JPSO Job Application is completed, save the Application to your computer and move on to the next step.

Step 2 - Upload your completed Application
Upload a copy of your completed JPSO Job Application using the link below.

This must be the JPSO Job Application. Any other documents, such as Resumes, or any other documents are not a substitute for the JPSO Job Application.
Note: The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office requires that you complete the Application form entirely and accurately. Without the completed Application form, your application will not be processed. For assistance with uploading files Click here

Step 3 - Upload a copy of your Driver's License or State ID
Upload a scanned copy or photo of your Driver's License or State Issued Identification. Live Photos or videos will not be accepted. For assistance with uploading files Click here

Step 4 - Complete the contact information below.

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By submitting your application you are aware that any misrepresentations or falsifications made in connection with obtaining employment with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office will be grounds for rejection or dismissal. The facts set forth in this application for employment are true and correct. You understand that, if employed, false statements on your application shall be considered sufficient cause for dismissal. We are hereby authorized to make any investigation of your personal and financial records through any investigative agencies or bureaus of our choice. In making this application for employment, you also understand that an investigative report will be processed whereby information is obtained through interviews with your neighbors, friends or others with whom you are acquainted.